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P&M Contractors was founded on a commitment. A commitment to taking advantage of every opportunity we’re given, without taking advantage of the people who give them. It’s driven our focus on your best interests, regardless of your project’s size and scope, from the day we opened our doors in 1991.

We’re Alabama’s largest woman-owned mechanical company, but we also perform a significant percentage of projects as general contractors. And while we’ve consistently expanded our capabilities over the years, we’ve consciously maintained a select list of customer relationships — ensuring that we always meet your needs. However, and whenever, you need us.

We’ve built a reputation for quality and service by investing in quality, service-minded professionals — then giving them the resources, the support, and the autonomy to make good decisions. Including the decision to make things right, if things go wrong.

When you’ve got problems, we’ve got solutions. When you have questions, we have answers. And when you’re looking to go the extra mile, call us — we’re already there.

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P&M is a phenomenal company to work with. Their quality and consistency is incredible. And as far as their service goes, well, whenever we ask them to jump, they pretty much ask, “How High?”

— David Wolnski, Blox

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