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There’s a reason why so many of the people who join P&M stay with us: We believe good people are worth the extra investment to hire them — and keep them. We’ve built a reputation for quality and service by investing in quality, service-minded professionals — then giving them the resources, the support, and the autonomy to make good decisions.


We take real pride in our company culture. People come here for the opportunity to build a better career for themselves, and a better life for their families. Sometimes the work we do is hard, but most people here will tell you this place is like family to them.

If you’re looking for that kind of opportunity, we’d love to hear from you!


NOTE: If your experience and skills aren’t a match for the position(s) we’re filling now, send us your application anyhow! Whenever we fill new positions, we always review our applicant database first.


Thanks for applying!

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